i was outside my building with my friend last night and some old yt boy with his dog came by an dthe dog wanted to be pet and was cute so we were petting it and the guy was so awkward and weird like *tips fedora* my dog likes to be pet and he liked to spoon too i was like LMAO no and he was like do you live here and his dog smelled real bad i was like keep walking dude 

like foreal only some crusty yt nerd would try to hit on girls by saying “my dog likes to spoon” like the fuck lmao help 



We’ve known since the start that Yahoo fought the NSA’s Prism surveillance program tooth-and-nail; but as unsealed court docs show, the Feds made the process into a harrowing ordeal, and sweet-talked gullible judges into dropping the hammer on Y.

By the time Foreign Intelligence…